First Barre Wild pop-up? Welcome!

The Q & As to the right should tell you everything you need to know. Still have questions? Contact me!

Q: What do I need to bring?

Short answer: yourself, a yoga mat, and water

Long answer: Ankle/wrist weights make every exercise more challenging. If you have light hand weights, those are great, too.

Most important answer: bring a great attitude. Be ready to party.

Q: I've never done barre. Is this going to kill me?

Nope! It's called Barre WILD because it's unlike any barre you've seen or tried before. Think of this more as a cardio + dancing + low weight/high rep + yoga.

Every single move has a modification and this class is available to all levels.

Q: I'm a dude...can I do this class?


Yes - men can and should come to this class! I promise if you don't leave with a puddle of sweat on your mat, your class is on me.

Q: So it's loud?

That's the idea! Loud music is fun. It makes working out kind of like a party.

Q: Will you host a pop-up at my studio?

Heck yes! Please contact me!

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